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A complete How-To Guide For the Work-At-Home Industry

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Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality will help its readers excel in their careers while working from a virtual home office.
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Author Philosophies

Throughout her work at home career and the process of writing Your Virtual Home Office Can Be A Reality!, Melissa has proven her strong desire to provide you with an opportunity to work from home. Melissa believes:

Being an author is about making lasting impressions that will increase productivity and performance by showing you how to create a functional home office environment – rather than by attempting to impress the audience with my qualifications and knowledge. Strong instructors transfer knowledge and create new awareness.

A successful writer teaches the reader how to make positive changes and allows each person to find solutions that work for them and their unique situation – rather than laying out a series of mandates and convoluted principles. New concepts work best when readers can adapt solutions to their specific styles and needs.

Writing and speaking is conveying a strong compelling message and allowing the audience to experience a new perspective about their home office – rather than teaching new terminology or theories. Writing and presenting is more effective when the audience is able to clearly hear your message.

Readers deserve a delivery and presentation style that is concise, informative, entertaining, and motivating – rather than a dry lecture delivered by a pompous presenter. Readers that are engaged are motivated to make positive improvements.

Melissa’s bio is impressive and illustrates her strong knowledge in the industry. She is also pleased to provide educational programs to enhance business productivity and enjoys speaking engagements. Her blog continues to provide fresh information to readers.


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